Travel With Confidence

End to End Journey Safety

Accessible, secure transport. Find your nearest accredited provider now.

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Travel With Confidence for businesses

Use TWC accredited services to support business continuity planning and risk management.

Make sure you can keep operating by keeping staff and customers safe. Find out more.

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Travel With Confidence for drivers

Advertise your safe standards to make sure you earn more.

Keep your family and customers as safe as possible. Find out more.

Travel With Confidence for passengers

Use TWC accredited services to have confidence to travel during COVID-19 and beyond.

Support local services who are working hard to protect your community. Find out more.

Travel With Confidence for Local Authorities

Use TWC to create end-to-end safe transport networks. Protect residents and support drivers.

Build trust and drive local economic recovery. Find out more

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Regulated by your Local Authority

Travel With Confidence is a local authority regulated scheme.

The accrediation was created by Watford Borough Council in response to COVID 19.

Standards are maintained to the highest level by the local authority.

If you do have any issues it is easy to tell us using our specially created reporting form

Find out about Travel With Confidence in your area

Use the arrows to find out about accredited services in your town. Use the button below to book a local accredited taxi driver and support them as they do all they can to keep your community as safe as possible.


The place it all started! Watford Borough Council created the accreditation to make sure drivers and operators were supported in providing the safest service possible. The council oversea the maintenance of the strict standards

East Herts District

The second area to jump on board Travel With Confidence. There are now lots of local accredited drivers ready to take you where you need to go

Why Infection Control Standard Procedures remain vital in taxis and minicabs after July 19th

On Monday 12th July Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed the scrapping on 19th July of almost all COVID-19 restrictions as legal obligations covering social distancing, limits on gatherings and use of face masks are to end. This is a significant milestone for the...