The creation of a new standard

Created by Watford Borough Council Environmental Health and Licensing Team in response to the coronavirus pandemic, ‘Travel with Confidence’ is a sign that the transport provider has gained safety accreditation through completing a tailored programme of training to keep customers and workers safe.

This includes making sure everyone has equal access to transport.

The scheme is backed by support from Hertfordshire County Council.

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What the mark means

If the mark is displayed it means that the driver and operating company have shown they have taken extra measures to keep you as safe as possible.

They have carried out risk assessments on their procedures and they have undergone specialist healthcare associated training to help minimise the risk of harm to passengers.

Drivers who display the mark are expected to:

  • demonstrate high levels of cleanliness, infection control and understanding of how to reduce risk to customers.
  • be able to explain their individual business risk assessment to you if you ask
  • be able to explain the ways in which they reduce risk, such as what cleaning products are used and how often.

You can find out more about the creation and ongoing licensing of the scheme by emailing

Regular and ongoing checks

To become a member of Travel With Confidence, drivers and operators must agree to ongoing, unannounced inspections.

The maintenance of standards reached by accredited members is essential to the running of the scheme – customers can be confident in the service provided.

Authorities who are operating the scheme under licence are required under the terms of use to conduct inspections and checks throughout the year.