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Become Travel With Confidence accredited to access more work.

Make sure local businesses know where to go to find accredited drivers.

Know that you are able to go to work doing all you can to keep yourself, your family and your passengers as safe as possible.

Gain access to the full range of Mobility Exchange services such as driver training, support, advice and top up bookings.

Don’t forget – once you are accredited, if you do a school run for Hertfordshire County Council, then let the council transport team know by clicking this link.

Join Travel With Confidence now - it's easy!

To find out more about how to become accredited and to advertise your transport business follow the simple steps below.

Step 1 - Email us to find your nearest TWC scheme

Travel With Confidence is operated by local authorities. If your local council isn’t part of the scheme let us know and we can contact them for you. Email: or use our contact form

Step 2 - Complete the online training

The online e-learning course can be completed on smartphone, tablet or laptop.You can find out more about the training by going to Already over 100 drivers have completed the course. Make sure you don’t miss out.

And remember, if you are a licensed driver in Hertfordshire, the course is free!

Step 3 - Sign up to become an accredited driver

Sign up for free and start advertising your accredited business through the Travel With Confidence transport network. Once you are accredited customers will be able to book with you through your operator or, for hackney carriage drivers, TWC can help you to advertise your services directly to customers.